Your Daily Dose of Dialogue Questions

  • We have placed some random dialogue questions here for your use in several different categories. If you refresh the page, you will also refresh the questions.

    We have over 900 questions that will show up here.


    About Life

    When was a time you touched my life? WAMFAT?


    How do I feel when I am inconvenienced by something one of my people did? Describe in loving detail.


    WAMFA family dialogue?

    Hopes & Dreams

    What do I need to do to make myself sexually responsive to you? HDIF doing that?

    About Life

    Birth control pills can work by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting. Did I know that? HDIF knowing that?

    School & Education

    HDIFA learning another language?

    Labor & Work

    HDIFA paying taxes?

    The Lighter Side

    When was the last time I acted like a little kid? HDIFAMA?

    A New Heart

    When was the last time I went to God in prayer for the sake of our relationship? HDIF?

    Parenting & Family

    HDIFA the way our children dress?

    Prayer Life

    Do I look for and accept the Lord's will for my life?


    HDIF about us when others notice how much we love each other?

    Starter Set

    HDIFA (how do I feel about) continuing to use dialogue?





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