Your Daily Dose of Dialogue Questions

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    About Life

    How can we bring new life to someone else, as a couple? HDIFAT?


    How do I feel when I am away from my people? Describe in loving detail.


    What is the meaning of Easter to me? HDIFAT?

    Hopes & Dreams

    What do I long for in the depths of my being? Describe feelings.

    About Life

    Am I growing or standing still right now? HDIFAMA?

    School & Education

    What have I learned about myself in the past week/month/year? HDIFAMA?

    Labor & Work

    HDIFA hiring help with housework/childcare/etc?

    The Lighter Side

    What was the nicest thing someone did for me this week? HDIFAT?

    A New Heart

    When was the last time we/I brought Christ's love to the world? HDIFAT?

    Parenting & Family

    Have I cut the apron strings? HDIFAMA?

    Prayer Life

    When am I most aware of God's presence? HDIFAMA?


    HDIF about us when others notice how much we love each other?

    Starter Set

    The time I feel most alive is ____________.





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