Your Daily Dose of Dialogue Questions

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    About Life

    When is the last time I forgave you, and HDIFAT?


    How do I feel when I return to my people after a long trip? Describe in loving detail.


    What is my best quality? HDIFAT?

    Hopes & Dreams

    When I feel distant and uninvolved with you, what challenges me to do something about it? HDIFAT?

    About Life

    Am I growing or standing still right now? HDIFAMA?

    School & Education

    What am I doing for my own religious education? HDIFAMA?

    Labor & Work

    Do I earn my salary? HDIFAMA?

    The Lighter Side

    If I could travel in time, I would... HDIFAT?

    A New Heart

    Have I given up my "no power" to daily dialogue? It's time to do it! HDIFAT?

    Parenting & Family

    HDIFA our child's current boyfriend or girlfriend?

    Prayer Life

    Is marriage a covenant or a contract? HDIFAMA?


    Do I worry about the kids seeing us? HDIFAT?

    Starter Set

    HDIF when I hear you say something complimentary about me?





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